Why Interior Designers Work with us


At Wolf Hill Furniture, we cater to the critical needs of Interior Designers, and understand that your reputation, and the reputation of your firm, rests with your vendor partners.  We take great care in the reliability of our service and the quality of our furniture.  Every piece is built-to-order and handcrafted by a maker with over 20 years experience.  We work closely with you to ensure specifications and deadlines are met, and go the extra mile when a project requires.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing your projects, and your reputation, are in good hands.


Professional management

You can feel confident that you have a dedicated Project Manager to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Reliable communication

You can rely on us to be easy to work with and available any time you need so you won’t have to wait for answers.

Thorough specification detail

You can count on questions being asked upfront and custom furniture specifications confirmed prior to starting the build.

Sample approval

You can rest assured that the finished piece will be exactly what your client wants.

Status updates

You can focus on other business knowing your project is on track.

Deadlines met

Meeting your deadline is our highest priority, and the reason for all of the above.

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